Northwest Battle Buddies Achieves Veteran Ready Certification with PsychArmor

SAN DIEGO (August 10, 2023) —  Northwest Battle Buddies, a nonprofit providing service dogs to Veterans with PTSD, has partnered with PsychArmor, the leader in military culture training, to achieve Veteran Ready Certification. By taking this step to offer enhanced training for employees, Northwest Battle Buddies is demonstrating its commitment to offering a more genuine connection and better support for those in military and Veteran communities.  


“We value our healthcare partners who are actively working to enhance healthcare competence through education and training. Cultural awareness training for providers assists in reducing or eliminating barriers to care,” said Dr. Tina Atherall, CEO of PsychArmor.  


Northwest Battle Buddies gifts professionally trained service dogs to Veterans battling PTSD, helping them regain their freedom and independence. There is no cure for PTSD, but service dogs can reduce PTSD symptoms with life-changing — results. With a canine Battle Buddy by their side, Veterans with PTSD can begin living their lives again.


Recognizing that the experiences of military personnel are much different from those of nonmilitary personnel, these programs structure their content to address the unique needs and strengths of service members, Veterans, and their families, while also ensuring the provision of evidence-based therapeutic interventions.  



“Northwest Battle Buddies continues to strive to provide professionally trained service dogs to our American Heroes as well as provide the best coaching and support for the life of the Veteran service dog team,” said Northwest Battle Buddies CEO Shannon Walker. “The PsychArmor courses are a great asset and tool to help educate our entire team with ongoing training and understanding to help serve our Veterans at the highest level.”


As a nationally recognized nonprofit leader and preferred training provider for military cultural awareness, PsychArmor serves members of the military-connected community and anyone who wants to more effectively engage with them. Their team of clinical psychologists and social workers, all steeped in military culture, create learning journeys from continuing education to customized training, including online courses, curricula, podcasts, webinars, live speaking engagements, and social media.


About Northwest Battle Buddies

Northwest Battle Buddies is a Washington-based nonprofit founded in 2012, that provides professionally-trained service dogs to Veterans with PTSD. For more information about Northwest Battle Buddies, visit their website, or contact them at   


About PsychArmor 

PsychArmor is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation providing education and support to individuals and organizations that work with, live with, and care for American service members, Veterans, and their families. For more information about PsychArmor, contact Carole Turner, Strategic Communications, PsychArmor, at 


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