NWBB Team Featured on NatGeo TV Show

Chad Brown and his Northwest Battle Buddy Service Dog take on the wild in the National Geographic Series, Called to the Wild. "Very humble to have had this opportunity with Natgeo Wild and Disney +.


“Very humble to have had this opportunity with Natgeo Wild and Disney + TV show to have been selected to be on “Call to the wild”. Thank you to Northwest Battle Buddies for all your support helping me with Axe and pairing me with Axe years ago when I was fighting hard with my PTSD.”


Called to the Wild

For centuries, humans have bred dogs to help with various forms of survival. In this survival challenge unlike any other, survival experts of various backgrounds are dropped into the remote wilderness of Maine with their canine companions. For 10 days, these human and dog teams will survive off the land with nothing but what is on their backs. Each team will trek into the dense forest using only their dog as their guide to search for their designated survival location.

Introducing Chad and Axe

Chad was selected to be on the survival reality TV show inspired by the movie “Call of the Wild” back in October 2020. The name of the show “Called to the Wild ” is centered around the survival between a man and his dog where they have to work together as a team to survive in the wilderness for ten days. The show aired on December 7, 2021. Chad and Axe made their debut in the episode called “Battle Buddies”.

Chad Brown found support through Northwest Battle Buddies pairing him with his service dog Axe, years ago while he was battling his PTSD. Chad is the founder of a Portland-based non-profit called Soul River Runs Wild, an organization aimed to connect inner-city youth and veterans with each other and then to the great outdoors to promote leadership, mentorship, and healing.

Before Axe, Brown often struggled with being alone, being in large crowds, as well as battling nightmares that left him unable to sleep through the night. His Battle Buddy has changed all that, enabling him to live a more normal life with peace of mind and freedom to run a business and non-profit. Axe was trained to serve Chad on his journey through life as he overcomes the debilitating symptoms of PTSD. Together they are breaking barriers and bringing hope to Veterans facing the same challenges.

Chad and Axe NAT GEO

“I am so grateful to Northwest Battle Buddies to have the opportunity to bond with such a specially trained dog as Axe. Axe witnesses the imperfections, the daily ups and downs, and battles I face. He always has my back in this ongoing process. The last few days were tough, but we held it together and won to live for another day together.”⁠

At Northwest Battle Buddies, it is our hope that every Veteran who receives one of our professionally trained service dogs, lives a happier and healthier life. We are proud of the ongoing strength and perseverance that this team displays, and how they are fearlessly facing the world and breaking barriers.

Chad’s growth since receiving Axe to now is incredible, they are a true testament to the power that a service dog can have in the life of an individual who is willing to take a chance on their own road to healing. Together Chad and Axe are an inspiring example of someone who is willing to “never give up.”


Help us celebrate the success of this NWBB team. The episode called “Battle Buddies” has aired on several TV networks including National Geographic and Disney Plus and is still available for viewing.


Check out Called to the Wild on National Geographic Channel and Disney+



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